Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific, the world leader in analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, offers a full catalog of accessories and disposable items for chromatography, the answer to the demands of laboratories that want to improve analytical performance and productivity. Within the catalog there are are new products designed to offer a complete solution to the laboratories techniques. It is a company of Thermo Fisher Scientific group


Since 1979 Microcolumn distributes Chromacol catalog, the best known manufacturer of vials for GC and HPLC autosamplers. The "three wavelets" indicate vials developed in collaboration with the manufacturers and, for this reason, compatible with the various models on the market. The range includes vials, caps, septa, aluminum closures, holders, adapters as well as closing and opening systems of vials. It also includes syringe filters and septa for GC injectors. It is a company of Thermo Fisher Scientific group.

National Scientific

National Scientific products have been provided to the analytical laboratories for over 30 years. On its catalog you can find more than 1,500 items for chromatography, for the preparation and for storage of samples. Vials Target DP, PolySpring and MicroSert inserts are just some of the innovative products introduced by National Scientific on the market. It is a company of Thermo Fisher Scientific group.


La-Pha-Pack was founded in 1990 and today is a leading manufacturer of autosampler vials. It works with some manufacturers of disposable items for the development of new products and puts quality as the first goal. The new headquarters in Langerwehe, Germany, sells its products worldwide through a network of distributors. It is a company of Thermo Fisher Scientific group.


Teknokroma is a global leader in gaschromatographic columns production and distribution and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). He was founded in 1978 in San Cugat del Valles – Barcelona, and from the beginning it has been the exclusive distributor of some of the most prestigious brands in the field of chromatography and, at the same time, a manufacturer of products and consumables. Today Teknokroma is present in more than 50 countries around the world and continues to consolidate.

Brown Chromatography Supplies

brown logo
Since 1999 Microcolumn is the Italian distributor of Brown Chromatography Supplies products, known German brand manufacturer of vials for GC and HPLC autosampler vials and storage bottles. The range includes glass and plastic vials, caps, septa, aluminum closures, for storing crimp and screw bottles.

Dr. Maisch GmbH

Dr Maisch logo
Dr. Albin Maisch, after working more than 30 years at the University of Ulm, in 1995 founded the company Dr. Maisch-GmbH, developing a new family of ultra-pure silica, the ReproSil-Pur reverse and normal phase, with a purity higher than 99.999%. Over the years it has introduced new higher performance phases. The company is also able to provide columns of important manufacturers, such as Merck, Hamilton, Eka Nobel, Knauer, Macherey & Nagel, Whatman, Waters, Neos.

Trajan SGE

Trajan sge logo
SGE is an Australian company founded in 1960 and leader in the production of consumables material for GC, HPLC, LC and MS; in its catalog you can find Syringes and the relatives accessories, Liners and GC Columns. SGE as well as producing the various
components of its catalog with own brand, produces part of the consumable for well-known brands. From 2014 SGE became part of the Australian group "Trajan Scientific and Medical".

Porvair Sciences Ltd

porvair logo

Porvair Sciences are global manufacturers of consumables and instruments for life science and analytical laboratories. From microplates, assay kits to automated laboratory equipment, our company is committed to equipping customers with high quality products for improved analysis and increased productivity to accelerate scientific discovery with integrity. Together with JG Finneran and Kbiosystems, the life sciences group of companies are equipped to offer customers a diverse product portfolio dedicated to high quality sample preparation.

Chromanik Technologies Inc

Chromanik logo
ChromaNik Technologies Inc. is a Japanese manufacturer of innovative (U)HPLC columns. Through its unique bonding and end capping technologies, stable phases with very low silanol activity are obtained. The product range includes fully porous- and core-shell columns, which ensure fast and reliable analysis results, due to their unique surface modifications.

Infochroma ag

infochroma logo
Infochroma ag is a company with over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and industrial sector through the development, production and distribution of tubular glass vials and bottles with the ability to meet particular customer needs through customized products.

Upchurch Scientific

Founded in 1975, Upchurch Scientific has been for more than 30 years, the world's leading manufacturer of fittings, hoses and high-quality components in the transfer of fluids and accessories especially for HPLC market. Upchurch Scientific products have become a trademark of IDEX Health & Science LLC. They are the choice for end users and OEM looking for thermoplastics and metal high performance products designed to resist the corrosion and the high pressures.


Established in1976, Rheodyne offers products for the advanced solution in the management of fluids for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and diagnostic systems in vitro. It is a IDEX Health & Science LLC company from the 2004. It is the best choice for instrument engineers who have always relied on the high quality of its products, such as manual and automatic valves for low and high pressure, automated injectors, switch valves etc.


Microprogel logo
MicroPROGEL, a company founded near Padua in 2000, makes use of technicians and engineers with over 25 years of experience in the electronic and instrumental field. The company, founded with the aim of designing and building control circuit boards for the industrial field, has always maintained the ownership of the know-how. In the last ten years he has contributed to several projects related to PEM technology. For that reason the decision to design and manufacture its range of ultra-pure hydrogen generators. Microprogel has a wide range of bench top generators for laboratory use.



Cole-Parmer® VapLock Closed Systems are ideal safety solutions for scientists, chemical hygienists, and researchers worldwide who work with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and similar liquid-based technologies. Reagent and collection vessels paired with this equipment are often left open or ineffectively sealed during instrument operation, allowing chemical exhaust to be released directly into the laboratory environment through leaks, spills, and improper ventilation. When the fluid pathway is not properly contained, it poses health and safety risks, and—in more recent years—danger of regulatory violation and liability concerns. The products used in VapLock Closed Systems solve this problem by mechanically working together to effectively contain solvent and control the emission of harmful vapors that can be hazardous to both workers and the environment.

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